Evolution of the CofJ Cult

Evolution of the CofJ Cult and Where They Are Now

from a contributor

The Community of Jesus (CofJ) had its origins in Germany when Cay Andersen and Judy Sorensen went to the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary in Darmstadt, Germany, which is a cult founded by people who lived through the Third Reich.

The Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary incorporated Nazi Gleichschaltung into their cult when they established it in 1947. I suffered these Gleichschaltung tactics whilst I was was student at Grenville. Cay and Judy were married housewives with husbands, but secretly they were lesbian lovers.

[Editorial note: It is not the fact that they were lesbians; the problem stems from the fact that they hid it while preaching fire and brimstone about how homosexuality is an abomination in the sight of God. Such hypocrits.]

Whilst at the cult in Darmstadt, Judy had an affair with one of the nuns. Cay and Judy eventually left and cut ties with the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary.

Michael Valpy of the Globe & Mail explains the history in his article, “Mothers of Invention”:

Since the exposure of Grenville and the Community of Jesus in 2007, the CofJ has accepted that there is just too much negative information out there on the Internet about them. Therefore, they have been moving away from the “Community of Jesus” label as they accept it is a damaged brand name.

Now that their basilica is complete, they are operating under the new brand name “Church of the Transfiguration,” which I am told is a separate non-profit corporation.

They also have a publishing house called “Paraclete Press,” and the CofJ is not mention on this website.

The CofJ choir is also a separate corporation and on their website “Mother” Betty Pugsley goes under the pseudonym of “Elizabeth Pattersen” as the Conductor Emeritus of the Gloriae Dei Cantores: https://gdcchoir.org/elizabeth-patterson/.

They have also rebranded themselves as an ecumenical community in the “Benedictine tradition”—but a Benedictine community is Roman Catholic or Anglican and there is always pastoral oversight from a bishop or some church official—but in “Mother” Betty Pugsley’s case, she is operating without any pastoral oversight.

The Grenville Class Action was certified last year and the other side was denied their right to appeal again, and then they approached us for mediation. We will be doing discovery for mediation in the Autumn for which I will be cross examined again. Grenville was a satellite of the CofJ and all staff at Grenville were “Oblate Members in the Field” of the CofJ. This was formally published in CofJ literature at the time. All children at the CofJ were sent to Grenville and identified as “Community Kids.”

When Grenville was exposed in 2007, the CofJ denied any formal connection with Grenville. Grenville owned a house at the Community of Jesus. Indeed, Grenville purchased the house of Eric Sorensen, the son of Mother Judy Sorensen. When our lawyers went to the CofJ, the CofJ officials became angry when we reminded them of this. The CofJ also housed the Grenville Education Foundation, which was managed by Daniel B. Ford III, Grenville alum and nephew of now deceased David Manuel. The CofJ members are suing David’s widow for the money he left her. Daniel B. Ford III is a party to that ongoing case with Christopher Kanaga and Blair Manuel Tingley against Shelli Manuel, widow of David Manuel.

W5 on CTV in Canada has approached the lawyers for the Grenville Class Action requesting interviews for a documentary, but we have asked them to hold off until after the mediation is finalised.

The CofJ has been evolving and airbrushing their past. Indeed, they now have a satellite in Italy as of 2013 and a relationship with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Florence, Italy.


Mount Tabor, Ecumenical Centre for Art and Spirituality
Mother Betty Pugsley, CJ., President
Christopher Kanaga, CJ., Senior Vice-President
Blair Tingley, CJ., Senior Vice-President

Grenville and the connection with the Anglican Diocese of Ontario are now gone; however, now the preppy cult on the Cape has managed to ingratiate themselves to a catholic diocese in Italy. The CofJ now presents itself as a centre for preserving historic sacred arts that are under threat in a post-Christian Europe; but that is the public face, because the reality behind the veneer of Sacred Arts and new buildings is the same. It remains a mind control cult.

A number of ex-Grenville and CofJ members are available to speak about their experiences. Carrie Buddington, who an ex-CofJ nun, has started a blog: https://mylifecoj.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/8-months/